What is the nutritional value of the cookies?

We do not have the nutritional content yet, we are working on it. If you're focused on calories, our cookies are high in calories because they are made of 100% almond flour and avocado butter. Our main focus is the ingredients and your health, rather than calories. We are not a "fit" brand. Our main focus is to provide the best quality product with the healthiest, most natural ingredients.

How long do D'Cookies last?

They last 2 weeks stored in a cool place. If you freeze the cookies they will last even longer (up to 3 months).

Are your cookies vegan?

We are not a vegan brand, but we can make vegan cookies with 2 weeks in advance on orders of 20 cookies or more.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we do, we have wholesale prices which you can obtain by contacting us.

Do you cater?

We do not cater, but if you buy a large quantity we could give you better prices. 

Can you make the cookies smaller?

No, we will make bite size in the future, but for now we have our 156 grams cookies, The bigger the better ;)

What do you use to sweeten the cookies?

We use high quality coconut sugar brought from Indonesia. Coconut sugar is high in fiber and has a component that is called inulin, which helps your gut fat and regulate your intestine. 

I'm diabetic, can I eat D'Cookies?

There are different types of diabetes, so we recommend that you ask your doctor. Although we do not use refined sugar, coconut sugar still has a glycemic index of 15% in comparison to refined sugar being 80%. Not high, but we still recommend consulting your doctor. 

I'm allergic to nuts, can I eat D'Cookies?

NO! you may not, all of our cookies are made of 100% almond flour and some contain nuts. 

What has monk fruit and stevia?

Our D'Cookies are sweetened with coconut sugar, but our chocolate is vegan & sweetened with monk fruit. The marshmallow in our Rocky Love Road Cookiesis also vegan sweetened with stevia.